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Operable walls have now been used for generations to divide sight and sound in educational facilities, hospitality projects, health care facilities, entertainment venues, convention centers etc. Operable walls are the perfect solution for flexible space division.

We offer no obligation assistance in the application, selection & design of Operable wall systems. After the order has been placed and the Operable Wall installed by one of our factory trained local distributors we will remain completely dedicated to your needs and ensure that you will remain pleased with our product and service.

As Operable walls are always custom manufactured to fit your opening dimensions and engineered to meet your aesthetic and acoustic requirements it is urgent that you discuss your priorities with an experienced design professional & manufacturer with a proven record of success. Moderco is at your disposal in this regard.

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Items to consider and discuss include:

  • Partition configuration
  • Stacking & storage
  • Acoustics
  • Aesthetics
  • Ease of movement
  • Warranties
  • After sales service



Single and Paired Panels

The Moderco 700 series offers a technologically advanced, aesthetically pleasing design. It uses a unique welded steel frame that permits all substrates (skins), both tackable and steel to be welded to the frame. It never requires substrates or skins to be glued or mechanically attached to the frame. This construction provides a durable, unitized panel that will last for years of rugged use. Find out more »


Signature 8000 – Single, Paired, And Electric Panels

Durability is the basis of our Signature and design. All our Panels are built with a strong steel reinforced aluminum alloy frame that provides strength and stability as well as protection to the panel finish while panels are in motion. The unique combination of our frame and various available substrates ensures a panel that will last for years in your application.
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Crystal – Acoustical Glass Wall

Combines the tested acoustic qualities of a solid operable wall with visual transparency. Allows the user to, when desired, physically divide space acoustically but maintain openness and a comfortable environment. And if privacy is required, operable blinds within the Crystal wall may be remotely opened and closed. Each panel is relocated independently with operable top and base seals securely locking individual panels in place. You can even combine Crystal glass panels with solid Signature panels for the best of both worlds. Find out more »


Gymdoor – Electric Wall

Created by Moderco our electrically operated Gymdoor is the most practical way to divide gymnasiums, auditoriums or any application where manual partitions are not practical and durability is a major consideration. The Gymdoor is engineered & designed to last in the most extreme applications and backed by the longest warranty in the industry. Powered by a high strength pre-stressed aircraft cable and always a single motor it is designed to keep on working. Find out more »


Gymwall – Gym Curtain

Gymfold divider curtains reliably divide space with the turn of a single key switch. The retracting fold up operation is accomplished by the use of high strength pre-stressed aircraft cable and motors. All curtains are fabricated using reinforced high strength vinyl in various combinations such as all vinyl, mesh on the upper portion and vinyl on the lower and even dual (side by side) curtains providing some acoustic control. Curtains are also available in a walk-draw non electric) design. Find out more »


Unifold – Accordion Door

Individually custom built and built to last. Rather than a loose fitting vinyl secured by buttons to an internal frame Unifold utilizes a laminated multilayer solid cover attached to an internal pantograph. The skin is rigid and resistant to punctures, cuts and high abuse. But if cover replacement is required the solid cover may be replaced on site in total or in portions. Available in acoustic values up to STC 44. A good but not necessarily less expensive alternative to conventional flat wall systems. Find out more »